As the destination agent for numerous esteemed moving companies worldwide, we meticulously verify the accuracy and completeness of all information received before forwarding the documentation to our customs broker. Upon securing final custom clearance approval, a dedicated Global Move Manager will reach out to the client to coordinate a mutually convenient delivery time.

All transportation and deliveries are conducted within our groupage runs and schedules. Therefore, it is crucial for the recipient to be available on the agreed day and time, considering multiple deliveries are part of the groupage/combined transportation schedules.

Our committed crews will execute all shipments in accordance with the contractual conditions confirmed and agreed upon with the origin agent. Your satisfaction and the seamless execution of the moving process remain our top priorities.

It is prohibited to pack, load and/or ship, in a shipment of removals goods, items such as drugs, weapons, explosives, dangerous goods (oil, paint etc.), any kind of batteries, any kind of fuel, imitations, animals (or parts) without proper CITES forms, counter fit currency and/or alcohol

For all import shipment our move Manager will send updates on the following moments.

  • 2 weeks before shipments arrival in port
  • Actual arrival in port
  • Unloading in our bonded warehoue
  • custom clearance
  • when ready for delivery and day can be schedules
  • Custom forms for Switserland
  • Custom forms for Norway
  • Custom forms for UK
  • Contact info sheet,
  • import declaration,
  • property damage report,
  • performance repot,
  • bingosheet,
  • car condition report

Our crews will deliver all shipment as per the contractual conditions confirmed and agreed to with an origin agent.

In the following situations additional charges may occur.

  • Delivery above first floor (12-14 steps per floor) for full service deliveries (staircarry, elevator surcharge and/or external elevators)
  • Long distance over 20 mtrs from truck to front door
  • Bad access where a truck cannot get anywhere close to your residence
  • Arrangement of a parking permit or a no parking zone
  • Items in your shipment that are less than 6 months old, wine, spirits and/or cigarettes (duties and taxes)
  • Assemblies that take longer than half an hour for 2 men or to be carried out by third party, carpenter etc
  • Physical customs inspection or an x-ray of your shipment by customs in Rotterdam
  • Warehouse handling in & out : Euro 0.50 per cuft – minimum Euro 100.00
    Storage per month or a part thereof : Euro 0.40 per cuft – minimum Euro 75.00

(for groupage shipments arriving in our warehouse the first 2 weeks are free)