International Groupage Services: Professional Handling for Seamless Moves

At our dedicated warehouse, we specialize in loading frequent groupages, particularly tailored for international moves, personal effects, and smaller shipments destined for the USA, Canada, Curacao, Ireland, Canary Islands, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and South Africa. Our removal groupages undergo meticulous handling at all destinations through our trusted international partners, ensuring a seamless process facilitated by professional removal companies.

Key Points:

International Partnerships:

All removal groupages to specified destinations are managed by established international partners—professional removal companies dedicated to ensuring the utmost care in handling shipments.

Dedicated Services:

Our services extend beyond the listed destinations. We are continually exploring new destinations to meet diverse client needs. Feel free to inquire about any specific shipment requirements.

Tailored Solutions:

If loose groupage is not the optimal solution for your shipment, our team provides personalized advice and quotes for alternatives such as LCL/part load, container shipping, or airfreight.

Request a Quote:

Initiating a quote request is simple. Complete the quote request form or send us an email detailing your specific shipment requirements. Our team is ready to assist you.


Also for any move or shipment within Europe, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive network includes trusted agents in all major European countries, ensuring a comprehensive range of services. From packing and collection to deliveries and unpacking, we provide seamless assistance for local, European, and international moves.

European Expertise:

Moves or shipments between European countries are handled with the same proficiency as international moves.

Trusted Network:

Our network boasts trusted agents in all major European countries, guaranteeing reliable and efficient services.

Comprehensive Assistance:

From the initial packing stage to final delivery and unpacking, our services encompass every aspect of your move.At GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV, our commitment is to provide professional and tailored solutions for your unique moving and shipping requirements. Contact us today to experience a seamless transition across borders.

The packing, loading, and/or shipping of certain items are strictly prohibited in removals goods shipments. These restricted items include drugs, weapons, explosives, dangerous goods (such as oil or paint), any type of batteries, any form of fuel, imitations, animals (or parts thereof) without proper CITES forms, counterfeit currency, new items, tobacco, and/or alcohol. Compliance with these restrictions is essential to ensure the safety, legality, and smooth handling of your shipment.

Explore customs information for numerous countries worldwide as a valuable guideline for your move preparation well in advance. Upon booking a move, if deemed necessary, we may share client contact details with a Destination Agent (DA) who will verify and assess the specific documents required for a smooth and hassle-free process.

  • FCL containers and LCL part loads

Weekly departures are offered for both full containers and part loads to most destinations worldwide. Transit and sailing times are contingent upon the final destination, and any dates provided or confirmed are always estimates or expectations based on schedules at the time of booking. It’s important to note that shipping lines and freight agents retain the right to modify schedules or routes, which may result in delays or, conversely, a faster arrival than initially anticipated.

  • Groupage shipping

Groupage loading and departures are contingent upon the availability of additional bookings and onboard space with the shipping lines. Under normal circumstances, a shipment is loaded and can depart within 3-5 weeks after arriving at our warehouse. The entire process, including pre-carriage, loading, shipping, and delivery, operates on a groupage basis, dependent on available volume, bookings, shipments, and transport. Therefore, it’s important to note that after arrival at the port of destination, there may be a few weeks before the shipment is delivered.

All shipments must be consistently and professionally packed and labeled. Each individual item and box should bear a label indicating the name, destination, and corresponding number, aligning with the accompanying inventory list in English (or the local language at the destination). In the case of LCL/part loads, all items must be securely packed or loaded in crates or on pallets. It is important that the contents are not easily discernible. It should be noted that for groupage shipments, deliveries at destinations are typically loose, without the crate or pallet it was shipped in/on.


The inventory or packing list must be clearly legible in English, preferably typed. Every package should be detailed on this list, specifying its contents and the corresponding number matching the label on the packaging. Without a correct packing list, we cannot accept a shipment for loading, as this is a prerequisite for export customs clearance.

  • Customs Power of Attorney
  • Packing list
  • Customs valuation/invoice example
  • Contact information sheet,
  • performance report,
  • bingosheet,
  • car condition report