When transporting vehicles alongside removal goods in sea freight containers, it’s crucial to navigate various considerations, ensuring a smooth process that complies with regulations. Please note that these guidelines may vary depending on the country of origin, destination, shipping company policies, and it remains the owner’s responsibility to ensure compliance at all times. Here are essential factors to consider:

  1. Ownership and Registration:
  • The vehicle should be owned and registered in the name of the shipper.
  • Proof of ownership and registration documents may be required.
  1. Age and Compliance Standards:
  • Ensure your vehicle meets specific age and compliance standards of the destination country.
  1. Emission Standards:
  • Check and adhere to the emission standards of the destination country.
  1. Import Duties and Taxes:
  • Be aware of customs regulations and associated costs such as import duties and taxes.
  1. Customs Declaration:
  • Provide accurate information in the customs declaration, including make, model, year, chassis number, and value.
  • Some countries may require additional documentation related to the vehicle.
  1. Safety and Environmental Standards:
  • Vehicles may need to comply with safety and environmental standards of the destination country.
  1. Insurance Requirements:
  • Verify if additional insurance is required for the vehicle during transit.
  1. Fuel Level:
  • The fuel tank should be completely drained as per shipping line regulations.
  • A Letter of Indemnity (LOI) will be sent to the shipper to confirm this, with responsibility for any associated issues or costs resting with the shipper.
  1. Battery Disconnect:
  • Disconnect the vehicle’s battery as per shipping line regulations.
  • An LOI will be sent for confirmation and indemnification, with associated responsibilities and costs lying with the shipper.
  1. Documentation:

Ensure you have all necessary documentation for both the vehicle and removal goods.

Important Note on Importing to USA/Canada:

  • Importing vehicles into the USA and Canada has limitations.
  • Only vintage cars/old-timers and American/Canadian models are easily admitted.
  • Clients must verify if their specific model/type is accepted for import at the destination.
  • Acceptance criteria:
    1. Vehicle originally from/ manufactured in USA/Canada with proof.
    2. Vintage car (older than 15 years for Canada, 25 years for the USA).
    3. Written confirmation from Canada Customs or USA EPA/DOT confirming acceptance.

For a seamless experience, adherence to these guidelines is imperative. We appreciate your cooperation and remain committed to providing efficient and reliable shipping services.