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Welcome to GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV: Your Premier Partner in Worldwide Relocation Services

Established in 2012, GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV proudly stands as a distinguished service provider catering exclusively to the needs of moving companies and agents worldwide. Our dedicated commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the international moving industry.

Our Expertise:

As a preferred partner for moving companies and agents, we offer comprehensive assistance across all facets of the international moving business. Our multifaceted services include acting as a port agent, groupage warehouse, and moving partner. Additionally, we serve as a proficient custom broker, and our extensive network of destination, origin, and transport partners ensures seamless operations.

Global Reach:

Irrespective of the scale or complexity, we specialize in facilitating shipments and moves to and from Europe, as well as between any countries globally. Our expertise encompasses the management of diverse logistical challenges, providing a reliable solution for your varied international moving requirements.

Why Choose GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV:

When you entrust your moving endeavors to GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV, you are guaranteed a professional and meticulous handling of your entire relocation process. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, our team ensures that every aspect of your move is handled with the precision and expertise it deserves, from A to Z.

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Key services

  1. Port Agency Services

Benefit from our adept port agency services that streamline your logistical processes, ensuring efficient and timely operations.

  1. Groupage Warehousing

Our state-of-the-art groupage warehouse facilities are tailored to meet the unique needs of moving companies, optimizing storage and distribution.

  1. Customs Brokerage

Navigate international regulations seamlessly with our expert customs brokerage services, facilitating a smooth transition through customs procedures.

  1. Comprehensive Partnerships

Leverage our extensive network of destination, origin, and transport partners to ensure a well-coordinated and reliable global moving experience.

At GLOBAL Moving and Shipping BV, we understand the intricacies of the moving industry and are poised to elevate your international moving operations to new heights. Partner with us for a seamless and professional experience that exceeds expectations. Your success is our commitment.