Storage / Insurance

Storage / InsuranceStorage of any shipment or personal effects, could be required due to custom delays, or simply due to the fact that you or your partner/client is not ready yet to receive the goods. A safe and controlled storage is then what you want and is what GLOBAL Moving and Shipping can offer you worldwide. Either bonded storage or storage in transit we can offer at good rates and with reliable partners in safe and if required temperature controlled facilities. Please contact us via the below link for more information. We will quote and advise you to the best of our abilities.

is an important part of moving, shipping and/or storage of your personal effects or cargo as these are being handled by several different agents or companies. This is unavoidable. Even though we and our carefully selected partners do whatever is needed to avoid events that can cause damages or any miss happenings to a shipment, at all times we recommend you to arrange for a good and solid insurance. GLOBAL Moving and Shipping can assist with this as well off course. Through our insurance partners, we can offer this good and solid transport, moving or storage insurance, based on all-risk coverage. Please feel free to contact us for costs and requirement, so we can advise you according to your personal needs.


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