Vehicle and car shipping

Vehicle and car shippingCars, motorcycles or other vehicles are also among the specialties of GLOBAL Moving and Shipping. Through our many contacts worldwide, we can transport and ship vehicles in/to/from Europe or to/from almost any destination on the globe. We can transport cars all through Europe with professional car carries. Delivery to Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia or even as far as Spain and Portugal are not uncommon. Besides collection and delivery on the European continent, we also can offer sailings for cars and motorcycles to lots of worldwide destinations such as USA, Canada, South-Africa, Australia, New Zealand, south-America and numerous African ports.

There are several option for shipping vehicles around the globe; in sole use container, in consolidation containers or as RORO

In container (sole use or groupage)
This is the safest way to ship a vehicle, as it will be loaded in a steel, seaworthy and watertight container. The vehicle should be brought to a warehouse, near you or your client (or we can arrange for collection off course) and at the warehouse it will be driven in the container via loading ramp and blocked and braced for a secure trip to its destination. If you or your client choose(s) to ship a vehicle without any other cargo in a ‘sole use’ container, then obviously the price would go up, but then nothing else will be shipped in with the vehicle, so no delay can occur due to clearance problems other than the vehicles, also less risk, as there will be nothing else in the container.

RORO means ‘Roll on Roll off’. The vehicle is being driven on board a special vessel that ships ‘rolling equipment’ only. The crew makes sure the vehicle is secure for the trip to its destination, with no movement. Such services are often a bit less expensive then shipping per container, but sailings are only every 2 or 3 weeks to a lesser choice of destinations. Also no personal effects or items are allow to be loaded in vehicles

– Documentation/ import approval vehicles abroad
– Vehicle condition report


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